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Welcome to Windwalker Leathers!

Grab yourself a cup of coffee from the old cookstove in the corner,
come sit in this comfortable chair right here next to me, put your feet up and chat a while.

So ... Whatcha lookin' for, Friend?

A Wedding Present for a Special Couple?

An Anniversary Gift for the Folks back home?

A Keepsake Album for a cuddly cute New Baby?

An Heirloom Cover for the Treasured Family Bible?

A One-of-a-Kind Cover for your Very Private Journal?

A Professional Daybook Cover?

Business Card Holder to match?

An Impressive Cover for your Company or Personal Checkbook?

None of these? Send me an E:mail and let's talk about it!


Windwalker can come up with a cover design for the most unusual requests! 

We've done Shakespearean tents, snowmobiles, Native American designs, animals and flowers of all descriptions, even a bicycle built for two! 

Why, we've even been known to do Traditional Western Carving designs! 

Got an idea? Let's talk!


Come on in ... Look around!


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